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Cheng Man Ching Tai Chi
Step by Step with Sifu Mike Pekor
About Our School
Tai Chi Kung Fu of Long Island is all about the individual student. Whether your interest is health, relaxation or self defense, Tai Chi Kung Fu of Long Island has what you are looking for. Each class provides students with opportunities to explore many facets of this ancient physical art. Our Cheng Man Ching Form instruction is meant to improve balance, strength, flexibility and relaxation and assist you in embodying Tai Chi principles. Our Push Hands practice offers students a chance to see if they can apply Tai Chi skills when in contact with another person at varying degrees of resistance. Tai Chi sword and sparring are also available for those more martially inclined. All of this takes place in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere with lots of sweat and lots of laughs.
Our Youth KUNG FU Program
Our low cost, high quality Youth Kung Fu Program helps kids gain strength, improve character and self esteem!
Central Location
Our school is conveniently located in central Nassau County at:
1940 Hempstead Tnpk.
(at World Gym)
in the East Meadow Plaza
East Meadow, NY 11554
What people are saying...
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  • "Mike is a very rare instructor. With 20+ years of martial arts training and study under his belt, he has the unique ability to see potential and application in many different martial art styles. By practicing form rigorously and following Mike's tutelage on correct postures, push hands and fighting applications, I was able to reach new milestones both physically and mentally. I even worked with Mike to gain strength after a debilitating car accident."

    --Jared S.
  • Regarding our instructional videos:
    "Thank you for the best teaching aid in tai chi I have had the pleasure to own. Great job. Pulled out Cheng Man Ching's 37 postures and am now looking forward to going cover to cover again. I hope you will continue to produce more with this teaching style and format. I immediately shared with two friends who will take a look at your website. Happy Holidays and thank you!"

  • "Mike Pekor has won numerous championships in Martial Arts, is an experienced school teacher, and a well sought after professional therapist. The insight he has gained via his decades of personal and professional experiences, enhanced by his patience, and strong moral character, all make for an ideal instructor and mentor for any age group. I cannot recommend him highly enough."

    Frederick J. Simon
    Martial Arts Instructor
    Law Enforcement Officer
  • "As a seasoned martial artist and competitive athlete myself, I am stronger, faster, more pliable and more aware from Mike's Taiji than other martial arts could offer me. Thanks Mike for your time and efforts in working with me and training me. Any person regardless of their age or physical level can benefit from Tai Chi Kung Fu of Long Island and Mike Pekor's direction either as an addition to their current martial arts training or as a singular style. Train hard!!!"

    --Jared S.
  • "Thank you Sifu Pekor for making Tai Chi Kung Fu of Long Island such a great place to study. Your teaching style and attention to detail create an atmosphere that is relaxed, fun and that allows us to progress at our own pace. It is a pleasure to be a student here"

    --Mike F.
  • "I receive many benefits from tai chi; it helps me to recenter and find balance. As a martial art it gives me good muscle control and movement. Sifu Mike is an excellent teacher and his method of teaching is on a level so everyone can learn. He is very knowledgeable about tai chi, martial arts and the mechanics of the human body. He is a humble but powerful teacher. The students in the class are great training partners and fun to be with. I recommend taking a class."

  • "Sifu Michael Pekor is an incredibly accomplished, and legitimately accredited Martial Arts practitioner and instructor. His resolute search for self-improvement in these, and all aspects of life, accompanied by his humble desire to help all he comes in contact with, make him a rare and priceless commodity."

    --Fred S.
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Tai Chi youth Kung Fu of Long Island offers the best Tai Chi kids Kung Fu in Long Island and anywhere else! Tai Chi kids Kung Fu of Long Island offers Tai Chi youth Kung Fu in a way that makes Tai Chi Kung Fu enjoyable for everyone! Tai Chi children's Kung Fu of Long Island is a true Tai Chi Kung Fu school in every sense. Tai Chi Kung Fu for relaxation, Tai Chi Kung Fu for health, Tai Chi Kung Fu for self defense... Tai Chi Kung Fu of Long Island offers all of these Tai Chi Kung Fu benefits and more! Tai Chi Kung Fu of Long Island is headed by Sifu Michael Pekor, a nationally certified Tai Chi Kung Fu instructor and Tai Chi Kung Fu competitor. Tai Chi Kung Fu of Long Island is centrally located in East Meadow Long Island, making Tai Chi Kung Fu in Long Island convenient for everyone. Tai Chi Kung Fu form, Tai Chi Kung Fu philosophy and Tai Chi Kung Fu self defense are all a part of the Tai Chi Kung Fu experience at Tai Chi Kung Fu of Long Island. Come on down to Tai Chi Kung Fu of Long Island and experience Tai Chi Kung Fu the way Tai Chi Kung Fu is supposed to be!